Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Confessions of a BRAG!

Last fortnight has been very taxing physically and mentally. The viral fever took its toll and the impotence of not being able to run took its toll on near and dear ones. Finally patience gave way on the fourth day and the Gandhian succumbed to seek the aid of an antibiotic. Well meaning advice from wife and my good friend Bala grated and I must have done damage to the friendship. A premature return to the course on Friday and lay off on Saturday was the last straw. My wife also has been saying that I have become intolerant of criticism of late.
What I decided after hearing my good friend Bala’s well meaning advice for rest was totally inexcusable. I decided to stop posting on Dailymile and sharing my running stats even with my wife. Last I was secretive with my wife was when I used to fib about the number of cigarettes smoked. Bala backing off the Dandi Sabarmati run set me thinking.
I thought long and hard during the run today. I thought what my Guru and mentor, MKG would have done in the circumstance. I was reminded of his letter to his father to confess when he stole. I decided to put down my thoughts in a blog to have a cathartic effect.
I have been observing that I have started to revel in praise and any advice however well meaning .but, perceived as contrary to my bull-headed ways was simply shut out. Seeing that such advice has come from my wife and Bala, two of the people who could only have my good at heart and who do not need to sugar coat their advice, I decided to make amends and take criticism in its stride even if I may not agree finally. My posts must have become too vain if it is starting to incite the competitive streak in fellow runners while ostensibly claiming to be running to my own beat. Bala’s directness has shown me the mirror; maybe, others are being too polite and taking my bragging quietly.
Maybe, my little talent of being able to run is getting to my head. Unrestrained praise at Dailymile is also having its effect. What is the use of reading Bhagvad Gita, if I cannot be ambivalent to praise and criticism. I have decided to start posting on Dailymile and not get affected by praise or criticism. I just hope that this foolishness does not cost me the friendship of my good friend Bala.