Monday, 27 February 2017

Biscuit has a new leash of life

Having chewed up the life out of his old leash (to be fair to Biscuit, my going on nine Labrador pet, has stopped feasting on his leash for some years now!), but, trusting him to behave his age he was gifted a pretty red coloured leash.  He did not mind the age of his instrument of bondage, but, we hated to be seen with a decrepit leash. Biscuit sure looks smart in with the new leash! He needs all the smartness what with the new Pomeranian (I call it the Snowhite till they get formally introduced!) having moved into the next block. Biscuit insists on a round of our block after his customary stroll in the other colony complete with MukkaLaat with Tiggy. The female (I hope!) of the species has been showing interest in him by peeping out from the third floor balcony at the appointed time every day, it looks like a scene from ‘Romeo and Juliet’.
Biscuit continues to limp on his right foreleg as if in sympathy with the pain in my right knee. We have both actively been practicing the ignore therapy for our issues with our legs. I made the concession of mentioning my problem to my Doctor Brother during my recent visit to Pune. He being a runner more than a Doctor was the only one I trusted who would not ask me to stop running. The fact that the pain goes away after a few kilometers into the run and the pain becoming bearable in time for the next day’s start means things are under control. Don’t we runners believe that what does not kill makes one stronger!
Talking of running in our family, my youngest brother (the Doctor above referred) and yours truly are well into running and the two siblings (a brother and sister in between) feel left out when we lapse into runners lingo. They have started to feel left out and that ‘Sweat is thicker than Blood’. Not being able to beat us at it, they have decided to join us and as a result we have the two enthusiastically posting their running exploits every day. We are looking forward to an extended run when the family meets! Not only families even the corporate leaders, be it the Facebook boss or our very own anointed to the Tata Sons, have shown that business is best sealed over bonds of sweat and no longer with popping of Champagne bottles. This gives a whole new meaning to the word ‘Sweat equity’!

Talking of sweat, I seem to have found the reason for my canine friend couple jumping all over me enthusiastically near Marina swimming pool could be for licking off sweat off me. Will test this theory further by drying myself before reaching that spot and report. The weather gods continue to be benevolent on residents and particularly runners of this city, let us add miles before the Sun gets back with full vengeance!