Tuesday, 17 February 2015

I lost my shirt today, well, almost!

Consequent on shifting from the airy fifth floor room to the first floor office which is claustrophobic, I have been struggling to post. Decided to get it off my chest today!
Last week has been good for running with a Full on Valentine’s Day and the usual 32K on other days with only two days of bunking. This week’s share of the bunk started with the one yesterday, stiff heels was the official cause for the record.
Even though the summer is insidiously creeping in, the mornings are still cool and running upto 7:30 AM is still manageable. Chennai Express has rescheduled to 5 AM and our meetings have been few and far between. Kakinada Express has been very regular even though the meeting point has become flexible to any point on the route instead of the mandatory waiting at the Light house. We run quietly much like a much married couple who don’t need words to communicate! Today I started at 4:14 AM.
As I crossed the Citi bank ATM, the sleepy guard with his head dropped over his chest seems to be belying the adage, the Citi never sleeps’. My new friend Selva kumar( he works at the petrol pump, ‘Pure for Sure’ outlet next to Prince Jewelers shop) who made my acquaintance on the TTK bridge on Valentine’s day seeking remedy for his diabetes. He was on duty at the pump today and gave me a big wave. The guard outside the AVM choultry who was lectured by me about quitting his smoking habit of over 15 years when I had met him after my water break after the marathon last Saturday, was catching up on sleep before the fixture for the day at the venue claims his full attention.
The cows have been shying away from my offering of banana peels much like the cops in Delhi shying away from Hafta, wary of the Kejriwal! I had to carry my precious gifts for them till the second loop while I had to walk to my trusted black beauty, who despite having had her fill (was already in the cud-chewing phase!) obliged me, she must have to do an extra loop in the evening walk today!
Today I met Yesudas look alike before the Labour statue ( and did I tell you this, his name is actually Yesudas!). He rides a motorbike and usually stops at the Saravana Bhawan outlet before coming to Marina for his walk with his partner. Today we had met near Saravana Bhawan itself earler.
I reached Lighthouse at 4:54 AM. The dogs were sitting on their haunches near the Labour statue as their gravy train seems to have been delayed today. I found a young man walking in the nude oblivious of the crowd of well heeled walkers, he seemed to be rebelling against the overdressed milieu around him. Even I in my shorts with the top tied around my waist was feeling overdressed in his presence. A thought crossed my mind if I should put on him my top (it would have not covered the bare essentials, as my top is skimpy like GolMaal Amol’s kurta,  just enough for ‘upar ke sharer ke lajja nivaran ke liye’!). I was also wary of his reaction to my act, would he take it as my curtailing of his freedom of expression. While I was doing this intellectual gymnastics through my two loops around the island ground, he seemed to have vanished by the time I came back on the Marina stretch. I reached the Gandhi statue at 6:44 AM by my mobile (the clock at the intersection, the one which chimes every 15 minutes, seemed to have stopped at 6:30!).The return journey home was uneventful and I was outside the colony gates at 7:19 AM. This equaled my fastest 32K of 3:05 even though I seemed to have taken it easy but for the brief speed run at the end of first loop with the Doctor while reaching the Lighthouse.

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