Monday, 14 March 2016

Listening to the young

The summer is officially on and Biscuit is restless at night. He is out in the Hall much before my alarm goes off in the morning. His friends have shifted to sand pits and ditches to beat the heat. The colony roads are getting a makeover, but, it means road rollers and Tar mixers which Biscuit is mortally scared off.  Tiggy( my colleague’s Rottweiler!) continues to challenge him the moment Biscuit enters his range of vision. Biscuit realizing that he is all bark and cannot bite (as he is chained on first floor!) gives him the royal ignore. Tiggy is not amused and more and more resembles a Hindi film villain haranguing in chains and irons!
                Heat has become sapping and the 32K on Saturday followed by the quarterly blood donation with not much of rest meant a tired self who fell back in bed after switching off the alarm yesterday. The whole day was spent in catching up on sleep and hydration. The Little red cells regrouped under the soothing ministration of the goddess of sleep. My Hb% was a healthy 14.3% this time and considering that the iron tablets have been reduced to one per day in the previous quarter this is creditable. Experimenting with no iron tablets this quarter and see if I pass the muster for donation in June!
I was up well before the alarm went off today to surprise Biscuit in the Hall. At an age when the reverse countdown is on, birthdays no longer excite me, but, remind one of the approaching finish line with so much to do! I wanted to have a good run nevertheless to mark the occasion.
                A young boy with plying tea has been meeting me at the Lighthouse in the last few days. He wished me from across the road when I was crossing Stella Maris College today. He finished selling a few cups to his customers and caught up with me. He asked me if I was not afraid running alone and so early. I asked him what do I have to lose but my shorts and the top tied at my waist. I returned the compliment and asked him if he does not fear for his tea container and the cycle. He said all the policemen on the road are his customers! He has finished 12th and is aiming for a degree. Will get more about him in my future runs!
                Another young lad gave a run for my age on Saturday when I was returning on my first lap from Labour statue to Lighthouse. We competed hard, but, neither wanted to show that we were in a race. I was able to keep up with him despite small diversions at the break in road where I have to take a detour to avoid pebbles. He joined me when I started my second lap, this time at a steady and non competing pace. He stopped/slowed down at the road breaks to let me join him. We parted at the Anna square police station with just an exchange of smile and mutual respect! No names were asked nor exchanged!
                The Jaya/Amitabh pair of Abhimaan fame walkers have started walking hand in hand instead of running, maybe, Jaya has vowed to only sing duets (what a waste of athletic talent!). Thankfully, today both were running together at a mutually agreed pace!
                Having saved some money in having got a gift of Kindle, I was reconciling myself to get my wife some gold trinket to assuage her long term grudge, but, guess what! The finance minister presented a dream budget and all the jewelers downed shutters against the proposed Excise duty on jewelry. Even they could not digest a Gandhian being forced to shell out money on jewels!
                The next challenge is to participate remotely in the 10 day marathon challenge from 22nd of this month. Hope I can start early enough to beat the heat and catch office in time!

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