Tuesday, 18 November 2014

A pain in the Bu**!

Last two days of staying off running has been literally due to that, a pain in the bu**! I had used the medical term to make it appear esoteric (a.k.a. Lympho sarcoma of the intestine of Anand fame!). Yesterday I listened to my running partner’s advice and abstained, but, today I decided that it has to be shown its place!
We started from the gates of the colony promptly at 4 AM. Biscuit (my 6 year old Labrador pet for those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of knowing him!) having got used to my bunking in the last two days did put up a friendly fight before I prevailed and locked him in. Dry roads meant better grip and fewer pebbles. But, this also meant sweat and discomfort of a different kind. I was informed, a little jealously by Sundar Purush, that Venky (my ATM friend, name shortened to indicate the growing familiarity!) had asked for me immediately after meeting him on both days without even a proper greeting. I felt nice to be running again even if the back was making its presence felt even if meekly.
We were deciding the distance to be run today, we settled for one loop (new one around the island ground!). Sundar had come armed with his Garmin to check to see if it was all of 10K to qualify to be a fitting successor to the RBI loop! He did not push me at all and it was 4:43 AM when we reached the Lighthouse. He checked his Garmin reading of 4.3 mi.
I was armed with the stock of a day old vegetable and fruit refuse which was promptly rejected by the quality conscious cow we encountered first. I was able to pass it off to a hungry one we met right after that (I discarded all the old stock on coming back!), they shall be fed not more than a day old stock from now on. That means I need to be more regular and no bunking for me!
The chime of 4:45 sounded just as we were crossing the place where thought for the day is broadcast in the early hours. The dry pavement was very nice to the feet and my complaining back had given up the losing battle!
Today the Parle G lady was back and the crowd of dogs surrounding her clamouring for food showed that more than the menu the dogs also decide their response by who is feeding them. I did not try to strike up a conversation (even though I was dying to find out what kept her from her four legged friends the last few days!), as I firmly believe in once bitten always shy!
I have been missing the old gentleman (the white bearded distinguished looking one who blesses me sincerely!) and want to find out if all is well with him. A new person has taken over the spot vacated by him, will find out tomorrow!
The ‘O’fficers colony sign at Palm grove was still waiting for its O (should I tell the new Defence minister?). Today the Flag staff road was better lighted and therefore easier on my soles, still a small stretch of particularly pebbly one was dark and inflicted its share of pain on me (the course believed in not giving a quarter even if the runner was just returning from an injury break!). Munro did not get off his high horse, but, did seem to acknowledge my return after a break. Meanwhile, Sundar kept referring to his Garmin (like a new cook who sets to boil an egg with a stop watch to the exact specification!). Let me break the suspense, it turns out that the new loop is 80 meters short of 10K (taking one mile=1.6KM!).
I must introduce this character who wishes me with an elaborate clap of the two palms every time he crosses me (something like ‘Baba maaf karo’!), today I got two greetings from him. Met most of the regular walkers and runners except the guy who resembles a younger Yesudas. The beggar with the artificial limb was busy in an animated conversation and did not greet us.
I think we had beaten even the fastest Minnals as their haunt near the Gandhi statue was Minnal-less when we crossed it. We reached Lighthouse at 5:45 AM (good pace for the loop, even if it is 80m short of 10K!). Did try to tempt Sundar into a an additional shorter loop upto labour statue and back, but, he rightly put his foot down. Our wives were surely in for a surprise when they find their husbands back before 6:30 AM.
On the way back, we first met the duo of Sita Viswanathan and Harishankar Krishnaswami's wife  and warm greetings were exchanged. This was followed by lot of Minnals right till we crossed the flyover. I remember, Sundar commenting that how effortless and enjoyable the run becomes when you have runners meeting each other at regular intervals and cheering each other. He compared it to the Bangalore Ultra and for me it was more like the Peddar road climb of the SCMM.
Our returning early meant that we were before Venky reports for his duty. We stopped at his ATM and reported to his jodidaar that ‘all is well’ with the Hubli Passenger. On the Nungambakkam High Road, a car was going at slow speed with blinkers with the driver trying to draw my attention, finally I met Sriram Raja. Hope he recovers from his injury and gets back to the roads quickly!
It was 6:27 AM when I reached the colony gates, causing surprise to the colony watchman and people at home! I agree a 2:27 HM+ is nothing to make a song and dance about.
The prescription for the sore back is a harder bed and prayers. Hopefully would be able to log a longer one tomorrow!

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