Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Another day in office

Biscuit had a leisurely walk and romanced a black beauty. He always showed a socialist leaning growling at the well heeled and cooing to the street dogs. She fell for his smart leash and he for her carefree ways. They parted reluctantly when she had the milk van calling, maybe, she gets her supplies early!
I was at the gates at 4 AM, Chennai express (nee Sundar) was late today and he had a good reason for it too. I spent the waiting time in trying to stretch. Found my neighbour’s teenaged son walking at that insane hour. He said he walks when he cannot get sleep. I had an on the spot inquiry, it seems, the culprit seems to be late night coffee.  Advised him to avoid coffee in the night, I don’t know what he will avoid, coffee or this nosy uncle! Chennai Express arrived apologetically at 4:10 AM.
Today we got a new pacer in a brown young dog which doggedly followed Sundar. Much to our amusement he kept following till the flyover where he decided he did not want to do the flyover. We were sure he must have crossed many dog zones in his enthusiasm to train with us and would find it difficult to reach back the safety of his territory. We are eagerly looking forward to see him safe and sound at his start point tomorrow.
Reached Lighthouse at 4:51 AM (one minute shaved thanks to good pacing by our canine friend!). Today found a brown beauty grazing near the edge of the fence. She patiently took each morsel and did not take the next till it had eaten the previous one (brought up well, 32 mastication per mouthful etc.!). A few peels dropped on the floor while I was feeding her. She regally looked at me to pick up and feed her without bending down herself (a.k.a. AB, ‘main abhi bhi fenke hue paise nahin uthatha’!). The Parle-G lady was at the labour statue with cooked rice again, the dogs are surely in for Ache Din! Did wish her from a distance, but, she was too busy feeding the dogs. New guard at the War memorial, he gave a wide smile, maybe, Srinivasan put the half naked runner in his daily handing over note! Chill in the air meant a large part of the pavement beyond the War memorial was still occupied by the sleeping forms. The guy on bicycle selling Chukku Kaapi was trying his best to sing Suprabhathan to the sleepy ones. Reached RBI at 5:23 AM.
Sundar was restless during the run, he was to get medicines home from a pharmacy after the run. He felt bad about delaying the same. He decided to cut short the run after the first loop and go home straight. We reached Lighthouse at 5:55 AM despite a socializing break enroute. He reluctantly left from the Gandhi statue point and I continued into my second loop. The black puppy who used to strut around among the walkers proudly displaying its red collar had been kidnapped by a man and it was being forcibly dragged away. I saw it when it was a little too far for me to intervene. I would have definitely fought for its freedom if Sundar had been there to support me. Met our friend and hero of yesterday’s episode, Venkatesan, near the Secretariat. He inquired about the missing partner (sounded like ‘Kahaan hai re doosra jodidaar?’). No challengers today during the run. Reached RBI at 6:26 AM. The return run was leisurely and greetings were exchanged with running and walking friends. On the way back I met the Sanitary workers who were handling waste with bare hands. I asked them to use gloves. It seems they have been provided gloves, but, do not use them.

The bulk of the household waste is vegetable waste and it is usually the stuff which raises the stink. Looking at the interest with which cows eat them, it seems such a waste. Can we not use the transport lorries which bring fresh vegetables to the various outlets to take back the vegetable waste to the farmers for feeding the animals or composting the same. The customers could be encouraged to hand over the vegetable waste to the same outlets. Could turn out be a win-win situation for all concerned. Reached home at 7:38 AM.

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