Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Just another run or was it!

            The schedules of the three trains, the Chennai Express, Kakinada express and the Hubli passenger seem to have got into a disarray much like the North bound trains on a foggy morning. Despite the complaining left foot did want to do a slow run to maintain continuity. Biscuit having been given one more playmate, the pink elephant (we have tentatively named her Mumbo to rhyme with her brother Jumbo!), has started neglecting Jumbo. He showed no laxity in his morning inspection of the colony grounds despite his latest love waiting at home. His sworn enemy the Rottweiler (his name is Tiggy!) did not engage with him as he has moved indoors from the balcony owing to the winter. The stray dogs were dozing in contentment (much unlike their counterparts in Delhi who are said to being relocated for the Prez. Obama’s visit!).
            I started at 4:15 AM and kept the engine at a subdued pace more so to negotiate the bad stretch till the Uttamar Gandhi Salai without hurting the foot. One walker regularly greets me near the flyover and today I stopped to get introduced to him. His first question was ‘my place of origin’. He was relieved that I was from Tamilnadu, I learnt later that it was to facilitate conversing in Tamil rather than any parochial reasons (he mentioned that he took me to be a Keralite!). He is Babu and I susually see him returning when I cross that place, I found that he leaves at 3:30 AM. He is a cook and does not get to sleep till midnight. I cautioned him about the dangers of sleep deprivation. Reached Lighthouse at 4:58 AM.
            Had the ignominy of being spurned by two cows before a smartly adorned black cow walked up to the plate to do the honours. She was wearing sea-shells and other trinkets around her horns and neck (Cows are actually decorated during Pongal celebration, and she seems to be not wanting to get out of her party gear!).
            I have a backlog of three runs, two of 32K and a FM on Friday last which I have not documented. It is now too stale to merit detailed blog, but, would like to recount a few highlights;
                        The image of a mentally challenged person who we usually find walking quietly and who broke into a wild dance refuses to go away. I also remember a discussion I had earlier with the Doctor about the large number of such patients and their not receiving any professional care in our country.
                        I was stopped by an auto driver Pugazhendi who after the usual initial questions about my age, diet and distances run came out with his story. He was a avid sportsman who was working with State Transport Corporation and he seems to have been laid off in 2009 after the infamous strike. He confessed to having an unhealthy lifestyle and the drinks habit at night. I used my new found friend status to get him to promise to quit drinks.
            I regularly cross a middle age lady who always walks in a silk saree. I find her attire cumbersome for a morning walk. I have defined acceptance of my unusual attire by the traditional Chennai to be complete on the day when she meets me in the eye and wishes me!
            My foot got better with the run. The pavement has been dumped with lot of building material has been piled up on the walking pavement for the forthcoming RDay parade seating arrangements and it is getting very crowded for the run especially when three or more join hands and walk together blocking others. Reached home at 7:38 AM, meaning 6 minutes extra compared to yesterday. 

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