Thursday, 29 January 2015

Run in a light drizzle today

Recovered, but, with the aid of a tablet and was eager for a run today. Sundar Purush signaled his delayed start (5 AM) yesterday night itself. Biscuit was uncharacteristically grumpy in his walk today and showed aggressiveness towards his friendly stray. I had to shout and drag Biscuit away spoiling the early morning tranquility. I started my run from the colony gates at 4:17 AM. Guess Kakinada express would leave behind the Hubli Passenger connection at Lighthouse.
Today I decided to experiment on staying completely silent during the run to capture the Hubli moments of run even when running with partners. I did wave and get waved at along the route from my usual friends. There was a very light drizzle for the most part, but, humidity was at its worst. Balu was not there at the TTK flyover. Reached Lighthouse at 4:59 AM and found the Doctor pacing restlessly.
We ran in complete silence. The black beauty in Pongal finery did oblige to come for the proffered banana peel, but, just took one. They really watch their weight and do not take more than what is required. I had to woo one more cow for the other peel. The dogs near the Labour statue have returned from their exile for the Republic day. Hope their Delhi mates are back to their homes! The pavement sleepers are also back in full strength.
Encouraged by the smiling traffic policeman at the start of the Mount Road, I asked him his duty hours. He works more than 8 hours in two shifts, 5:45 AM to 10 AM and 2 PM to 6 PM. In the second loop we met Ram Rajagopalan and his friend near the War memorial. He jocularly sought footage in the blog and I am obliging him for what it is worth!
I was running ahead of the Kakinada express for most part of the second loop and pre-empted the famous dash. We crossed Chennai express near the War memorial going towards RBI. Doctor and self did finish together to part ways for the second leg to Napier bridge. Crossed Sundar near Presidency college and we decided to try and meet before my finish point with him taking the Poes garden diversion (I knew he was too fast for me to meet him again even with the diversion!). I finished my run at 7:36 AM (a 3:19 32K!) and am sure Chennai express must already have reached his home!

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