Thursday, 30 April 2015

Promise broken

            My wife has been a generous fan of my writing, but, that does not stop her from being a dispassionate critic. In fact my wife and daughter (Biscuit, my going on seven years Labrador for those not yet introduced, does not complain!) frequently complain that I am getting repetitive and I also felt the same about my blog posts recently. I promised to take a break from posting about my daily runs. I could only hold myself for a day, i.e., yesterday. I met a bindaas youngster today and am breaking my promise to my wife (and I have taken her permission for it!).
            It must have been a case of getting the time wrong in the darkness that I hustled Biscuit to hurry up whenever he lingered on at any place for deeper analysis of any particular spot or a detour from the normal route. When I finally got him to his room and started for my run (even Shanmugham, our milk provider also was early today!) I was in for a surprise when the mobile showed 3:57 AM under the streetlight’s glare. I was tempted to go back and give Biscuit another small walk, but, waking up people at that hour could have been dangerous for my physical well being, I shall have to make it up to Biscuit sometime over the extended weekend!
            It is not my usual habit to quibble over an early start, but, this one is significant as I sensed company when I reached Uttamar Gandhi Salai. The youngster was running strong and we only got to run alongside when he came to the right side of the road after Gemini flyover. I initially thought that he must be one of the Chennai runners on a long run, but, when I broached the subject of running with him, I was pleasantly surprised.
            Now is the time to introduce Mr. Avinash, he has completed his XIIth and is doing a Crash course for the Common Law Admission Test, today being his last day of the course and exam being on 10th of May, 2015. There are two interesting aspects to these details;
                        Our idea when we were that age of celebrating after a course is completed used to be a few extra hours in bed, a movie etc., but, this guy, who stated that he was an athlete in school upto Xth class before he got sucked into academic pressure of +2 and professional exam coaching, his idea of celebrating last day in Chennai before going back home for Law entrance exam in a week is a long run (he is from Nagercoil and is staying in a hostel in T Nagar!), gets out to run before 4 AM in the morning! What’s happened to the youngsters nowadays!
                        How he chose Law as his career is also interesting, he says there were enough Engineers and Doctors in his family and anyway the brick and mortar and the like does not interest him, he wants to try out a new field and Law should be lucky to have him. Tribute to his confidence is that even when he was told that he was running alongside the father of a graduate from the prestigious Law school from Hyderabad, he had no questions. He believes in crossing bridges only when he gets there. I liked his attitude!
            He was clearly unfit from two years of only mental activity and was profusely sweating and panting when we reached the Gandhi statute. We parted after exchanging names. Rest of the run has nothing much to write home about except my interaction with Col. S K Singh, new friend I made during running the Island ground loop (I remember he told me he was the Chief Engineer with the Army). Today, owing to my earlier start I met him on Sivanada road on him second loop and I told him an orderly was hosing water on the concrete floor and he should do something about. He said, it was recycled water, but, still it should be used for watering plants/lawns and not concrete floor. He promised to inspect the place when he got there on the run! I finished my run at 7:27 AM, a leisurely 3:30 32K partly due to a very humid day and a relaxed feeling because of the early start.

            Having broken the promise of not posting, a gist of yesterday’s run would do no harm I guess! I ran a 3:27 32K (4:23 AM to 7:50 AM) with a meeting with a Rajasthani couple at the lighthouse. One more state gets representation in my circle. I did not bore them with my Jaipur connection which I would inflict on my next encounter.

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  1. But I still wait to read your daily runs.