Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Biscuit’s atonement

                If Biscuit’s behavior yesterday was like Sreesanth back-chatting to Alan Donald, his conduct today in the face of extreme provocation by Tiggy (discerning readers would remember, my colleagues Rottweiller) who loudly protests Biscuit’s encroachment of his territory from his balcony, was Dravidesque to Mitchel Johnson’s taunts. Clearly he was contrite and was making amends for his previous day’s fall from grace. His love for the canine brotherhood extended to the playful stray couple who were performing pre-nuptial dances. Today Biscuit was as bashful in his entire morning walk as to have put a new bride in her in-laws place! Wish I could convey to him the outpouring of support from the internet community as if he were the aggrieved party in yesterday’s exchange.
                I met the 71 year old friend (his name I got to know today is Venugopal) and conveyed to him the growing fan club for him from amongst my readers. It turns out that the other early bird is Mr. Ranganathan (who addresses me by name) is the elder brother of Venugopal. As I was gossiping with them, Kakinada express parked abreast and was rearing to go.
                No cow in sight today to take my humble offering of banana peels. Hope ache din comes soon for people too when we do not find people to receive alms. It sure felt awkward carrying back the banana peels back home.
                Today’s thoughts were on the commonalities between Gandhinomics and the philosophy of Uncle Scrooge. Whenever I am in doubt about what Gandhi would have done when faced with an expenditure proposal, my simple mantra has been to think what Uncle Scrooge would have done, the path of least price. I have confessed to my wife soon into my dalliance with Gandhi-ism that I was a simple stingy soul who has started fashionably calling himself Gandhian. The larger beneficial impacts for the individual and the world at large will be a subject matter of a separate blog later.
                Today’s run took 3:18 hrs for a 32K run. Time to taper for the 24 hour stadium run at Bangalore on August 2nd. Let me see how long I can postpone the taper!

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