Monday, 27 July 2015

It rained cats and dogs yesterday night

                It was as if Lord Varuna, ably supported by Vayu wanted to read me the riot act for the indifferent week of running. And, what a performance it was, a light and sound show to remember for some time to come and plenty of water delivered to the starved city! Pity, it was in the dead of night with only a few scared canine friends of Biscuit doing an encore. Water was scattered haphazardly much like overenthusiastic aid workers dropping cloth bundles to the calamity affected! Back from the inspection of wet outfield, Biscuit claimed the foot of the bed for warmth and security.
                While I got up at the usual hour to make amends for the bunked run on Friday and Sunday, Biscuit caught up on his beauty sleep. He had plenty of virgin territory washed by the overnight rain to claim as his own by marking with his Morarji Cola! Thankfully, he was quick about it.
                I had some work to do in covering the puddles of water on the floor with cloth rags lest somebody slips after getting up. It was 4:38 AM when i was at the gates. It was tough to negotiate the waterlogged and pebble strewn narrow road with the vehicles showing a sense of urgency.
                I could get in a full marathon in 4:21 hrs the Saturday last. The salient feature was a horde of policemen encountered on the stretch between Napier bridge and the RBI (they were assembling opposite Fort St. George). While some exchanged smiles and salutes, I must confess, some snickered. The best part was when a lady constable (no, she is not the one who on an earlier occasion had asked me my age near War memorial!) raised her voice and said ‘Can any of the laughing men run like me (Jai women power!)?’ An interesting Khaki-Khadi partnership is in the offing with so many of the city policemen introduced to the Hubli passenger in one go.
                The War memorial is decked up for the upcoming Independence Day celebrations with army-men practicing their drills. They invariably exchange salutes as I pass them multiple times during my run.

                Another check post for me in addition to the Saravana Bhawan hotel is the BPCL outlet on the Cathedral road. I get a standing ovation on my way back always and today I was surptised to be greeted on my way out. Chennai seems to be growing on me.

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