Friday, 28 August 2015

Garib(i) Hatao!

                Biscuit, my seven year old Labrador to the uninitiated, has been going through a mid-life crisis. He seems to question the virtues of morning and evening walks. Or, maybe, it may not be something that serious? The weather gods have been kind and a shower or two in the wee hours makes him see the joys of cosying up in the bed rather than roaming the staid colony with not much of a night life! He has been able to affect my discipline and I have had a few days off myself.
                Since my last post on Friday last, I have been able to run my usual quota on five of the maximum seven possible. The most remarkable run was on Monday when I had a good drizzle all through the run. I remembered the query most people have when they stop me in my run to ask if I do not feel thirsty during my run. I just had to stick out my tongue to practice rain water harvesting! I was reminded of the Japanese running monks who are stated to reach such exalted state of living that they were able to hear the ash fall from the incense stick and are able to draw moisture from the atmosphere when on fasting (goose bumps!). My aerodynamic head post the Gandhi-cut last week and rain cooled body made the entire experience thoroughly enjoyable. The beach pavement was very slippery and I took to the road to have a better grip.
                On another day, I saw a bunch of policemen with lathis rudely waking up the pavement dwellers from their sleep to clear out. I was encouraged by the smile from the leader of the police team to ask what this sprucing up was in aid of. I was informed that the Honorable CM was to pass by and the place was being sanitized. I remember telling him the story of ‘if you cannot remove Garibi, the sensibilities of the empathetic leader can be assuaged by the removal of Garibs’ I do not think he got the black humour, but, he did go easy on the stick and climbed down to using his throat power alone. I have seen similar action of sanitizing the posh Chanakyapuri area during the President of USA’s visit and most parts of Delhi during CWG games to save the visitors the blushes! Our God’s own country has descended with missionary zeal to cleanse the place of the Men’s best friends to make the tourists feel secure!

                The start of the Marathon season with the much awaited Hyderabad Marathon next Sunday after the summer vacation after the Auroville has the runners abuzz. Wish all the runners all the best on the Hills of Hyderabad!

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