Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Trying to get the rhythm going

                Must start with the customary and popular ode to Biscuit’s antics. Bowing to public disapprobation, Biscuit has gotten back to the traditional diet of Rice, pulses and vegetables. But, he is far from giving up buttermilk/curd. The familiarization process with the new additions to the colony canine population continues. Despite the overnight showers having forced the Biscuit baiters to the security of undercarriages of parked cars and garages, the intrepid black dog did register his protest which Biscuit disregarded with élan. Tiggy, could not be bothered out of his recommended daily dose of eight of the best! Biscuit is finding the concrete jungle of a colony a little cramping for his majestic walks, as a result, he is being economical with his daily walks. I on my part keen on the early start for my morning run have not been forcing him enough. The squirrel and crow have struck a compromise of a virtual ‘No war pact’ effectively cutting down another avenue of some aerobic exercise. If you call his shouting jugalbandi with neighbor Simba any exercise, that is all he is getting!
                Yesterday I had the ignominy of having to pull out of the run after a few steps due to a thigh strain. Wife had to be summoned on her mobile to let me in without waking up the household. It was a 4 AM start today and testing of the right thigh in the early part of the run signaled some tenderness, but, nothing which would not be masked by a few swigs of the friendly endorphins.
                Watched the vendors of Chukku-kaapi (a concoction of dried ginger, coriander seeds boiled in water, a healthy coffee!) pedaling back home after keeping the guards awake through the night. My respect for these good Samaritans has gone up after their losing battle against the popular liquor outlets of TASMAC has received a boost with the entire opposition in the state demanding prohibition. Some of these vendors have started recognizing me and we exchange greetings, but, they know they have no hope of marketing their produce to me!
                This incident from previous day’s run got missed out. I witnessed a policeman violently shaking an auto driver by his hair asking for his papers. The policeman seemed insulted at the amount offered by the auto-driver. It looked like a case of negotiations for the EWI (Equated Weekly Instalment!) having broken down. I stopped to intervene and was surprised to see both the victim and the aggressor getting together to assure me that nothing was wrong. I felt uneasy for quite some time. I asked a few dapper looking walkers (regulars and my waving acquaintances) if they could intervene. Sadly, this was happening right under the nose of S C Bose statue. I do not seem to have the courage to confront wrong doers, I guess copying Gandhi’s attire alone is not enough!
                Today’s start was later than affording me a chance for a full marathon, but, gave me the luxury of a leisurely 32K with lot of time to linger over the newspaper and bath on return.
                Usually, a big van ferrying chicks to their doom crosses me every day and I am only able to make it out from the stench of their feaces. Today, the vehicle was parked near the war memorial, the tired and cooped up hens next to the war memorial decking up for Independence day made a somber and ironic spectacle. In my endorphin heightened state of doing good to all and sundry, I was tempted to request the driver to let them off and not be a party to the mass slaughter. Better sense prevailed!

                The overnight rain, clouded weather and a light breeze made the run very pleasant. But for the late start and the fear of a busy road in the return direction, I was tempted to carry on for a full marathon. I settled for a relaxed run to reach the colony gates at 7:29 AM. Good news is that the I-Day celebrations at office are scheduled at 10 AM, that should give me enough time for a leisurely full on that day! Personal work on Sunday means I have to miss the Independence Day 12 hour run at Mumbai. All the best to all 12 hour runners on August 15th, will run here thinking of you all!

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