Thursday, 3 December 2015

Chennai is not what it used to be!

                The Sun came out apologetically after taking a hiding for the last few days. The people wading in knee deep waters were egging him on, what do they care if the cognoscenti believe that we are in the eye of a storm! Biscuit and yours truly had a leisurely walk in quite some time now. He could not help growling at his canine friends and got a cold stare from me for being rude to the less fortunate.
                Before the National media turned its attention to the tragedy that was playing out in Chennai, I got to squeeze in a run in the rain. Just when the waters of the sea after scaring the living daylights of the people decide to go back to its peace time station. What I noticed about the rain in Chennai is that it was business like (a la Dravid like!) not flashy and theatrical like aka Sehwag. If it wanted to discipline the greedy land grabbers it did it quietly. I have run through a much more extravagant Light and Sound show in my morning runs in Hubli! When nature decided to reclaim what was stolen from it surreptiously, it did so politely but firmly!
                The next two days were revealing as horror unfolded on National television. The stories of pollution in the national capital and rains in Chennai keeping kids from school was a lesson, which their elders failed to teach them, but, the one they would never forget in their lives. It does not require eminent people gathering in Paris to teach us the lesson of the costs the Climate change is wreaking on us!
                It is not only that the Hubli passenger missed its morning run the last two days, the Railways too had to suspend many trains and the airport closed the skies to make us feel truly marooned. The people of Chennai used this calamity to truly bond. The last two days of commuting to office and back first on the MTC bus and today on foot in knee deep water really brought out the character of the people. The strength of the people sure came out when they were put to test. The tales of humanity makes all the divisive stories which hog the limelight in the National media otherwise truly irrelevant!
                The Aavin (state owned dairy plant in the suburb) and the Hindu (the Chennai’s favorite newspaper) press having been brought to their knees by the incessant rains meant the Chennai’ite woke to a morning without his cuppa of filter coffee and the HINDU newspaper. The message is loud and clear, let us not mess with nature!
                While the bigger questions of town planning have to left to the big people. Each of us if we make an honest effort to live sustainably we would have been the Change that we want to see!
                I sincerely hope that I am able to run tomorrow and maybe then the train service and the Airport authority would take a leaf out of the Hubli Passenger’s book! Stay strong Chennai’ites, maybe, the weather gods have relented and believe that we have learnt our lesson.

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