Thursday, 3 December 2015

Demand and Supply

                Now do not get me wrong, I am no Raghuram Rajan wannabe! Even to my untrained mind I see a Demand and Supply play in all the major debates on today;
                Take the Beef ban; by enforcing a ban the supply side is targeted by the powers that be causing much air turbulence. I hold that an Aamir Khan why even the humble Hubli passenger going vegan does more to the cause of the bovine population in a more sustained way.
                For all this reckless construction in the environmentally sensitive zone, if the ‘Caveat Emptor’ sounded by the mother nature is heeded such depredations would die down non-violently. It has been proved now that ultimately the buyer or his progeny pays with all its belongings and even life, not to talk of the collateral damage on the neighboring population!
                And the much talked about Prohibition, if the consumer gets aware, all the liquor in the state outlets cannot intoxicate the people. The talk of the revenue loss due to prohibition sounds like a cruel joke. Is it not like taking a poor man’s kidney (or Liver if you please!) to give him freebies!
                While walking back from work yesterday, the various pipes spluttering out water at the coaxing of the tired pumps made it appear as Chennai was on its back taking a count with Chennai’ites giving it the mouth to mouth resuscitation. What made my day was a young man cheerfully holding me up on the Guruswamy bridge. I shied away thinking some friend of Bacchus was trying me for a touch. He said that he knows me and he sees me running on the Beach. He is Mohammed and he also confessed to not having gone for a walk for the last few days. Any thoughts I had of getting a run today were doused by my wife’s killer looks!

                Sun came out bright and early today, like a maid after a weekend away, dreading the mess that its absence would have caused in the city. I never thought I would welcome my old sparring partner so affectionately ever. It has gotten into its supersoaker mode and Insha-allah Chennai should be home and dry soon.

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