Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Filmi Jodis

First time since I started spinning charkha, I have been not able to do so since Monday last due to the belt giving up. The supplies have been rushed from Amdavad and should reach me today. Meanwhile, I have delayed the morning alarm by an hour and the green tea sipping ceremony is accompanied by caressing Biscuit’s ample middle who lays next to me on the sofa like a Royal Bengal Tiger minus the stripes!
Today I will report on the interesting couples I encounter during my run. The first are a couple who used to walk hand in hand with each of them wearing conventional clothes, the lady salwar-suit and the gentleman full pants and T-shirt. Over time the lady has shifted to slack pants and T-shirt and both of them have started running. The distance has increased gradually. The lady runs faster than the gentleman and both smile graciously every time I cross them. I call this the Ábhimaan’couple. ‘Khuda Jodi salaamat rakhe’!
The next is a blind man who carries a white stick with a cycle bell fixed who is settled in his fixed place by his wife. The lady after dropping him at the Beach road goes to take up her position on the Uttamar Gandhi saalai to do her begging. The lady comes back to pick him up after a two hour shift after which the morning walkers crowd thins. I call this couple the ‘Dosti’ couple (the readers would remember the blind-lame friends pair from the movie!).
The third couple is a lady who pushes around her husband on a cart heavily swathed in bandage, presumably he is a leper. I meet this couple near the AVM kalyana mantapam during my water break. I cannot think of a movie with such a lead pair, but, I like the commitment of the lady in taking care of the totally disabled husband.
I have been thinking about these couples ever since I have seen young couples zipping around in fast bikes celebrating Valentine’s Day.

My run today was quite labored and took all of 3 hours and 45 minutes even though the green tea leaves were back in my mouth. Looking forward to an extended spinning session today evening!

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