Thursday, 25 February 2016

Happy Composting

Biscuit is not his usual self. My wife has gone for attending a marriage and he is sulking. No compromise on his calorie intake, though! He is not very enthusiastic about the early morning walk. The walk has been postponed to after 8 AM after my run and bath.
Have been thinking for a while now to start composting the kitchen waste at home. This seems to be the right time with autumn and early summer providing abundant dried leaves (important ingredient for the Carbon component of the compost recipe!). Expert advice taken from a runner friend in Bangalore, two days of waste and some diluted curd with dried leaves in an old plastic bucket. Feeling like a young kid when after burying a seed in the earth wants to dig it up every few hours to see if it has started growing. Please wish the microbe fellows Happy Composting!
The much awaited part of the charkha arrived yesterday. Back to spinning the usual quota, bread labour done, back at the dining table with justifiable hunger!
The usual weekday quota of 32K done and dusted in 3:35.

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