Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Biscuit once again

                Today is a lucky day for a post about Biscuit (my going on seven Labrador pet for those of you who are yet not introduced to him!). He is exactly seven days shy of his seventh birthday which falls on the seventh of July (now how lucky can it get!).
                There is another story about Labradors getting to be seven which I do not want to believe and Biscuit surely is not giving any indications of it, they are expected to get mature at seven. I just hope it is not true and Biscuit does not grow up, we like him the way he is!
                Last week during our walk, a young man was deferentially walking behind us not wanting to cross Biscuit’s path. I let him cross us as Biscuit decided to give a patch of money plant all his remaining urine after subjecting it to intense sniffing. The man asked if he bites and if he is trained. When he got negatives for these two, he heaped the ultimate insult that it must be costing the moon to maintain him! I think the guy got our relation wrong, we do not keep Biscuit to guard us and we do not count our pennies when bringing up Biscuit!
                I have commented on Biscuit’s pusillanimity earlier, he is just one grade below the Vitalstatisix who believed that the skies are falling. With Biscuit, his nemesis is any vessel (or anything which has potential to make noise on falling down!). To be fair to him, the chances of getting hurt by a hot utensil falling on you is more than the skies falling! Apart from this, he has his fears of diesel vehicles.
                His control over his tongue is something which I would very much like to emulate. He effortlessly switched from packaged food (like Pedigree) to a diet of multi grain chapatis with lots of curds and milk and finally a vegan diet of rice, pulses and vegetables (that too salt free!). To top it all he is consuming this with sweet tasting Ayurvedic medicine said to prevent bone issues later in life. Compared to his austerities, I feel childish crowing about my Vegan experiment (with a few slippages in the earlier part!). I have learnt that this could be because dogs are said to have only a quarter of the number of taste buds which we humans have, factor in the relative sizes of the tongues, we can safely say that the fault is in the taste buds and not our stars!
                He used to rush across the tiled floor on hearing the door bell go at around the time of my return from office. Fearing his hurting himself in the process, Missus and I decided on a plan. I used to give my wife a call on her mobile when I reached the lift the idea was for me to come and meet him inside without his rushing out. To our pleasant surprise, he started rushing to the door on hearing her mobile ringing in the evening at around the time of my arrival. If only offices had Biscuit, punctuality would not have been an issue!
                He has become slow in climbing on to the bed and does not show so much enthusiasm in chasing squirrels and ageing is there for all of us to see, but, the child like habit of climbing on to your lap shows that the child in him would never grow up.
                The advance posting about Biscuit is to ensure that all good people should come to the aid of the party and ensure that their wishes reach him well in time for his birthday.

                On the running front, last two days have been fruitful and I have been able to put in my usual quota of run albeit slower and ending with a battered leg. The good news is that the recovery is getting faster and I am not complaining. The road rollers have been my nightmare too (just like Biscuit’s) considering that they leave behind tar coated jelly as instruments of torture for my soles! Today these instruments of terror were marking the territory around the war-memorial, forcing me to run two loops to RBI and back.

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