Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Firewalking Hubli passenger style

                After a pathetic day of moping and limping around by evening yesterday I made up my mind that running has to resume. I was able to localize the problem to groin area. It was painful when movements involved stretching sideways or a longer stride length. Started at 4:23 AM. What is normally a slow shuffle of a warm up for me till the strip tease point extended much beyond and it had its consequences for my stock with a young fan of mine. You cannot blame me for that, even when a longer stride was attempted to avoid a pebble or a break in the road, sharp pain resulted.
                Imagine my ill luck when the entire stretch from Sangeeta hotel to the Uttamar Gandhi salai-Haddows road intersection was being relaid. The warm tar and loose gravel-tar mix gave my soles a firewalking experience. When I was slowly shuffling with my soles having gathered a fair share of the hot tar-gravel mix, I was stopped by a young boy dressed only in shorts, bright and smiling. He was with the construction labourers and he asked me ‘Naina (for father figure in Telugu!), why are you so slow today’, as if his stock with his group has been brought down by me. Seeing confusion on my face, By way of introduction he mentioned that he sees me every day and I was too slow today. I took the opportunity to take a break and scrape off the gravel mix sticking to my sole and he got my message. He triumphantly explained to his senior friend that I am usually quite fast. I took leave of him and pressed on the throttle as soon as I crossed the hot zone. In all this confusion and ‘fan se charcha’, my left leg forgot the niggle and started behaving well.
                My meditation zone (the equivalent of the KM 11-13 of the Hubli route!) on my current route is from just beyond the Gemini circle till the TTK flyover. Today’s bee in the bonnet was the irony of a nation considered the diabetic capital of the world (I can independently vouch for this as the most common ailment discussed with me while on the run is also Diabetes!) subsidizing ‘Sugar’ considered white poison. The whopping figure of 6000 Cr was being bandied around. Next we would be subsidizing beedis to support the tobacco farmers! Even subsidizing jaggery would be a smaller evil, and would go to help small farmers instead of the Sugar barons, ‘Jaago Graahak Jaago’!
                My thoughts were also with the Army dogs who I was shocked to learn the previous day are being put to sleep after their active service. I thought the man’s best friend deserved a more humane pay back after it spends the entire life serving us and spreading happiness. Felt good to sign a petition today (change.org) online for putting an end to this barbaric practice. I request all my friends to sign the petition and help Biscuit’s friends!

                Today I had the company of Kakinada Express during the run. For a change I took the Sivananda saalai and regretted it very soon as it became another torture session for my soles. Better sense prevailed in the second loop and we traversed the RBI route instead. It was a 3:10, 32K for the Hubli Passenger today. Mercifully, the leg seems good after the run!

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