Thursday, 11 June 2015

MS Amma is back and how!

 This should have been the yesterday’s title, blame it on my ageing grey cells. I was pleasantly surprised to hear MS Amma’s voice booming from over the renovated Venkateswara temple on the Beach road. My run used to be a pilgrimage for the bow to the Gandhi statue and the strains of Vishnu Sahasranamam rendering by MS Amma. I remember how Sundar Purush​ and I used to cross the spot expectantly everyday hoping that she would come back. Now there is one more reason to run on Beach road! I may even revert back to the second loop between Napier bridge and Lighthouse instead of the ‘Napier bridge-Flag staff house road-Mount road and back’ for the second 6K.
 My mobile has been misbehaving and the back light came on and refused to go away, the result the battery drained before the scheduled morning alarm time. Biscuit has nowadays surrendered to the pleasures of the air-conditioner and has gone off his duties as the preferred time-keeper. I woke up after what clearly felt like a longish spell of sleep to find the mobile (after switching on once more!) waking up one last time to show 2:31 AM before dying of battery discharge. The tech-savvy assistants at home (read daughter and wife) have since long refused to contribute to keeping my brain dead (obsolete they say, it is not even two years since it came to me from my daughter!) mobile alive artificially. In this two-minute instant karma world, it takes some people special like the nurses of K E M hospital to keep their friend alive for 42 years. However much I may be sentimentally attached to this antique piece of hardware, I have realized that the next breakdown would be my mobile’s last hurrah! No spinning today and the backlog passes on the weekend to be made up the usual weekend quota with fine.
 Biscuit has been gorging on buttermilk with a vengeance after his relapse from his brief affair with Veganism. It is either that or crankiness at being left without any one of the immediate family, he has been registering his protest by peeing bang in the middle of the hall. I have now instituted one more short morning walk at 9 AM to eliminate the cause for his behavior. There was nothing out of the ordinary in today morning walk, but, for his violently shying away from the water tanker which comes to recoup water in the colony GLR. I was reminded of his brave counterpart in Germany whose deed was posted on facebook yesterday. Biscuit’s worthy canine friend had thrown himself in front of a speeding school bus to protect his owner, an old lady, from injury.
 Started my run at 4:28 AM and nothing special happened during the run. The army men have become more relaxed and expressive in their greetings when we cross during our daily runs. Today a set of army men in full battle gear complete with a rifle were laboring through their mandated monthly test while here I was  in my bare essentials advertising for ‘Less luggage More comfort’. The fan base keeps growing inexorably, today’s addition, an old man who stopped me on Sivananda Salai. He told me he saw my article on Times of India and liked it immensely, he made my day.
 Today, I took the water break and met the parking attendant friend. Just as I had feared, he insinuated that I have missed my runs during the last two days. I got my attendance regularized with the help of few other runners waiting there after their morning run corroborating my version. The water was very cold and I reverted back to sipping the water while drinking instead of performing the South Indian magic!
 Finished my run at 7:40 AM, well in time for a bath and tryst with Alan Shore and Denny Crane on Boston Legal!

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