Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Monsoon magic

When Biscuit and I stepped out for our morning walk, rain swept colony roads and the intoxicating smell of wet earth welcomed us (Some sharing of goodies by the rain bearing clouds on their way to delivering to the neighbors!). If I draw an analogy between Biscuit’s walk and our facebooking, if on normal days his stopping at various known haunts to pee and sniff is just reading statuses and at most posting likes, today’s weather made him post lengthy comments at each stop. Since I was already late, I kept tugging at the leash to make him hurry. It was 4:44 AM when I left for the run, this is the latest I have started my run and still done 32K on a working day!
Life after the media expose has settled to a rhythm and the stoppages for interactions and delfies have subsided. The College road having been dug up for makeover, I continued with the altered route from Sangeeta Hotel and Uttamar Gandhi Salai. One side of Uttamar Gandhi salai being dug up and the later hour meant more traffic both ways on the side of the road I ran (for a change I was on the right (I mean left!) side of the road).
The weather was stuffy even though the wet road was easy on the soles. The beads of sweat or ornaments which I flaunt over my bare torso when crossing the cart puller with his load of firewood (Bhala uska paseena mere paseene se sundar kaisa?).
Some boys who ride doubles or even triples and honk while passing you from your left side really is scary. There has been an instance of two youngsters ploughing through three footpath dwellers causing their death and it was fresh in my mind. I tried reasoning with the guy bringing up the rear, but, they seemed beyond reason. They seem drunk up on Petrol fumes and their parents easy money. Endorphins and maturity is no match for their deadly cocktail. I did the next best in telling the traffic policeman near War memorial to confront them and check their vehicle papers and Driving licenses. In most cases I have found riders initially mocking you, but, later coming back to wave at you and make friends. Today’s gang was incorrigible!
Even though one side of the Sivananda Salai has been relaid, the fresh surface is a bit harsh on my soles and I do only one circuit through that road, the second 4K being made up by my run to RBI and back from Napier bridge. Instead of the second loop from Lighthouse to Napier and back, I run from Napier to the entrance of Sivananda Salai and back for the 6K. The RBI route has got me a few more friends from among the police guarding the Fort St. George.
Today, on my way back a Bus stopped behind me and the driver peeped out and asked me how it feels to be in the papers! I then checked the bus number, I thought he could be the bus behind me in the photograph. I checked the article, but, the Bus number is not clear. Must ask Daniel George​ if he has other photos and if the bus route is 27 (H or L) I forget!
A reporter of the vernacular press has approached me for an interview and presently I am finalizing an interview with able support in proof reading of the draft of the interview being done by my friend Thirumalai Munusamy​ and my wife. The article is almost ready and one mandatory snap has been taken yesterday morning and it should hit the stands any time. I am interested in this article and I have given a longish interview as it is likely to reach a wider circle of my daily acquaintances.
Today’s thoughts were on the subsidized canteens in the State and whether it is a good thing or a bad thing. I remember about a discussion with Pankaj Rai​ while running with his group last time on the subject of MGNREGA also. I feel basic food, shelter and clothing of the rudimentary kind must become universally available. The weather in this state being temperate, shelter is out of the equation and with Amma’s initiative, the state has become a land of Idli and Sambar if not milk and honey! Definitely, this would not make people lazy. The human creation being the highest of god’s creation, it would not rest at bread alone. Once the material wants are taken care of, the higher dimensions of the human spirit will find expression. These canteens have become great levelers in the IT crowd rubbing shoulders with the daily wagers and school kids over Idli and sambar!
Wife having gone with her cousin sister for wedding out of station means Biscuit is unaccompanied by any one of the immediate family when my daughter and I are out during the day. He has started showing his fangs in displeasure when I take leave of him at the door. He has my nephew and parents for company during the day, but, he is missing his Mom!
Though I had stopped taking the water stoppages in the last few days, today’s sweaty run made me take an extended drinks break on the way back. The Saravana guard was inside the parking lot arguing with a customer. Hope he does not mark me absent in his diary!
Today’s timing of 3 hours and 2 minutes for the run only means my new route must be short of the 32K, or, have I really hit express pace. Will wait for the Sivananda salai to get ready and confirm over the weekend.

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