Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Blame it on Biscuit

            I was sure Biscuit must have had his reasons for not waking up with me in the morning. My wife informs me that due to power cut they all (Biscuit included!) went to sleep late. I know Biscuit can also lay some blame on the medicines he is on for his allergy. I got immersed in the spinning and it was only the persistent crowing (I hope that’s what roosters do!) of the roosters which reminded me of the late hour when I went and woke up Biscuit at 3:45 AM for his walk. It was a hurried affair, today’s walk!
            I started the run at 4:19 AM. The weather continued to be pleasant, even though the temptation to strip the top layer starts earlier than the now earmarked Uttamar Gandhi Salai intersection. I think I will move the designated spot closer home for the summer runs. The Regional Meteorological Station wore an inscrutable look giving no hint of how long the going would continue to be good.
            Found a Chukku Kaapi vendor drinking his own brew, I was reminded of the conversation I had with another vendor. These vendors do the graveyard shift from 1 AM to morning 6 AM and the clientele is mostly the guards and pavement dwellers. I am tempted to give this Vegan brew a try, maybe one day when I am carrying some cash, or better still if some vendor becomes pally enough to offer me a free cuppa!
            Today Kakinada Express was waiting at Lighthouse busy stretching himself when Hubli Passenger chugged in. Was able to persuade a cow already into her cud chewing phase to accept the banana peels. She did so with reluctance, but, was a relief. Sometimes these small acts of charity appear too miserly for the grave harm we as a human race have been inflicting on this gentle creature. I pray that if people cannot turn Vegan at least some substitute should be found for milk to relieve them of their misery.
            The army crowd was thrilled to find their hero back amidst them and there was a spring in their steps and their salutation was louder. The stretch on the Sivananda salai continued to be like the scene of Basanti’s dance scene in Sholay. Though there were people sitting on the bridge near the slum where I had my Holi skirmish yesterday, the ‘angry young man’ was not to be seen today. I am hoping to make friends with him ultimately!

            After finishing the first loop at Lighthouse, met a runner who came and asked if I have run the Nilgiris Ultra. He stated that he has been running for last one year and runs on Marina, will surely get to run with him sometime soon. The time of finishing the second loop at the Gandhi statue was 6:55 AM. Finished the run at 7:31 AM, a 3:12 32K!

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