Wednesday, 25 March 2015

The Good run continues

It was a late night on Sunday due to a bizarre incident of our car getting stuck in haphazardly parked cars in the parking lot. It was almost 11 PM when I hit the bed. Due to co-operation from Biscuit and some cheating on time reserved for spinning, I could do the planned run on Monday. The sleep deficit showed up as an even earlier crash on Monday night and also a delayed start today too! The incidents of the two runs are all jumbled in my head.
I must have missed the milkman Shanmugham, when I came out of the door to go for the run, there lay two packets of milk, one sweating in humidity and the other bled white from some pre-existent injury. I immediately took a photo of the scene of crime and informed the suspect. I hope his promise of exchange tomorrow is delivered!
The gnarled and aged tree in the Officer’s club compound seemed to be boycotting the celebration of green by its young neighbours, much like a reluctant Indian Minister in a Pakistan Day celebration!
Biscuit was challenged by the street dog when it saw that Biscuit was trying to woo his mate in the cover of darkness. Biscuit withdrew sheepishly like a kid caught with his hand in the Jam jar. His apologetic cooing was accepted by the benevolent couple!  
I think it was yesterday that I saw a mendicant dressed in saffron coloured clothing looking up to the image of the St. Albert holding a kid in hand on the Cathedral road. I don’t know if it was his way of assuring safe haven or his attempt at seeking some alternate remedy!
You meet a different world in the morning. You have tricycle with their load of firewood and bullock carts frothing with their load when Chukku Kaapi reigns. When I get back, the scene is transformed to big cars and aromatic coffee. It’s like a time travel every day!
I have this pair of a dog (I don’t know his breed, or, I would not address him so!) with his tongue hanging out and its owner who cross me on the R. K. Salai every day. I can corroborate the humidity and heat by the length of the tongue the dog has hung out on any given day! It is my version of the weather vane. I talked to his owner and praised his pet (he told me that they walked for 45 minutes every day) for its discipline. My attempt at getting introduced to the pet was seen as keeping him away from his walk and he growled at me. Must get Biscuit to meet him and get some inspiration from him.
Today during my run on the stretch between Labour Statue and Lighthouse I had the company of another barefoot runner (I did not get his name!). He is a mathematician by profession and we had interesting discussion on running and why mathematicians are rarely prolific beyond their 30’s. He has been running for the last 30 years. Even if the distance or pace is not to his satisfaction (who has ever reached his satisfaction level on these two!), I saluted him for his sheer longevity! Another interesting bit was a lady from among a group of a rustic set coming from the opposite direction broke into a canter with a wide grin as she passed me, much to the merriment of her friends. I was reminded of the three ladies of NH-218 in Hubli. Running with passion does find a resonance and expression or otherwise of the same is dependent on how much of the etiquette has been drilled in!
I have been meeting Sundar Purush​ on most days on the Mount road stretch and again when in my second loop on beach road. Doctor seems to have taken a break or maybe switched to a bicycle.
Though I have not been able to recognize the cyclists under their similar looking helmets, I have started greeting every cyclist I cross in my morning run.
Usually a group of men greet me from their perch of the bridge near the slum at the start of Mount road, but, today a group of women seemed to have dislodged them. In my prim fashion I did not greet them and crossed them without engaging in eye contact. As soon as I crossed them, I heard peals of laughter and a cat call. I got a taste of medicine of what the members of the fairer sex must be regularly going through. So, Adam was teased today, and let me tell you it is quite discomforting.
On the way back, I had a drink from the AVM water spout which I have now made a daily routine. I meet interesting characters filling their daily supply of drinking water from that point. Today I met and had a discussion with the tricycle fellow (who must be trading in waste recycling from his wares!) about if any such water outlets were there anywhere else. He did not know one, however, he was filling up a big Bisleri can which could last him whole day long! I was accosted by a walker from Beach road who having had his refreshments at the Saravana Bhawan came over to check my age, distance run and the usual questions. Finally, I rose in his esteem further when he came to know that I am a native of Namma Tamilnadu (if I can make a casteist statement, he was overjoyed that I was a Brahmin, I am sure Periyar must be turning in his grave!).
I am getting a little tired of my usual circuit and the ache in my left leg is surely just a ploy by my bored mind to instigate the body to sneak a break. Still, I am pleased with the regularity of my runs. I hope the news of the 24 hour run stadium of Bangalore on August 2nd and the 12 hour run on Independence Day at Mumbai keeps me going.

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