Thursday, 12 March 2015

Getting out of a writing block

Closest I came to writing in this week was after the full marathon on the International Women’s Day. The Medical exam for the Insurance, the fleeting fling with the treadmill, friendship with the technician who turned out to be a running enthusiast and the Gestapo like questioning by the Doctor at the end of which I was left pondering that even my father-in-law (god bless his soul!) would not have done such a thorough background check before deciding to trust his first born with me for life, all this was juicy enough for a full blog! The return visit of Biscuit (my six and a half year old Labrador for those of you who are still not on his friends list!) to the Veterinary college and his antics there with his friends (I find more jollity there even though they all come in some or other sickness, maybe, because the ailments are physical and they are happy in their minds!). To cut the long refrain short I kept accumulating material, but, could not get down to keying them in!
The Sunday run was hampered by a stiffening neck which I ignored, the negotiating of turns where I had to watch for traffic was very slow in the process. It was creditable that I did the FM in 4:14 hrs. This blew up into a full stiff neck and a painful one at that by the next day morning. This put paid to my run on Monday. Not being able to run on a Monday is a pain in the neck and that caused by a real pain in the neck was the irony!
The Tuesday run was possible due to repeated application of pain balm. I declared myself fit, despite the team physio (read wife!) insisting on keeping me out of the playing eleven for longer. Even though the run was decent (3:18 hrs, 32K), I seem to have loosened some sinews on my right leg in the thigh portion. The highlight of the run was meeting with an Auto driver who stopped and introduced himself saying that I had waved to him during my run in Beasant Nagar (I have only run there twice, once with Sundar Purush and once as part of Mera Terrah Run!).
The leg trouble had me limping for the whole of Wednesday with the Physio giving me the ‘I told you so’ looks! My repeated absences and lack of post was noted by my partner, Sundar​, who texted me to check if ‘All was Well’! As for the good Doctor, I haven’t seen him after we ran together last Thursday!
I needed the run today to declare myself fully fit before the weekend long runs. Accordingly, I was at the gates at 4:17 AM. The city seems to be slowly turning on the heat and I am finding it difficult to keep my shirt on even till I reach the nominated Uttamar Gandhi Salai intersection. I may have to prepone the strip tease point or if possible shift to summer timings and start an hour earlier, food for thought! MTC bus, 27D, driver riding with shirt off in his sleeveless banian and the wide grin on his face at my topless attire confirmed that Summer is in.
The Coffee aromas from Saravana Bhavan outlet and the coffee outlet next door were unable to wake up the guy sleeping blissfully on the pavement, drunk on his previous day’s labour. Met my friend Jesudas who was starting on his bike, after his morning cuppa, for his walk on the beach.
The thoughts uppermost in my mind was my daughter’s enquiry about joining some Israeli self defense course. Time I also should join some Martial arts course. When I think of my lack of brawn power, I am always reminded of Rajesh Khanna’s dialogue in the movie Anand when he tells the pahalwan character played by Dara Singh that he is God personified as only he is capable of protecting our women! We men used to get away by priding ourselves by doing small brawny jobs like opening the screws of a tight lids etc., I think now is the time for all good men to come to the party as my favorite author PGW would have remarked! I know Gandhi would approve the use of force for resisting evil.
Today I met Sundar while I was on to my second loop from Light house and he got wishes for his birthday in person, otherwise I was despairing that even for a local runner friend, the wishes would have to be through facebook!
I finished my run at 7:28 AM in pretty good shape, so all is well with the Hubli Passenger and it should be regular from today.

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