Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Why should girls have all the fun?

            We had a carpet of dried leaves for us during our morning walk today. Reminder that summer is fast approaching. The trees looked fresh in their summer crew cut. The moon just a sliver of its glorious rotund past. A mild breeze and slightly cooler air meant the inmates were sleeping peacefully. The Chukku Kaapi guy had the unpleasant task of having to wake up the guards from their slumber. The strays were curled up in the cool sands. Even the mild whiff of stink from the Cooum was tolerable. Tiggy was asleep. The alert guard outside the DRM’s bungalow invited Biscuit’s wrath (Biscuit has a problem with the RPF guards even from his Hubli days, maybe, he associates them with the trainer from their service who had unsuccessfully tried to train him when he was young at Delhi!) and not so friendly growls. Shanmugham our milk delivery man was returning as we were getting into the lift after the walk.
            Started off at 4:14 AM. All the guards on Haddows road and the guy and his canine friend at the petrol bunk were fast asleep today, maybe, making best use of the last few days of fair weather. When I had crossed the Gemini flyover and before the TTK flyover, I saw a bullock cart parked with the driver having his morning cuppa of the cup that cheers. The bullock was frothing at its mouth and I felt that I should feed him the banana peels (Yes, why should girls have all the fun!). It must be tough being born a male in the bovine world. What with infanticide and no right to life and in between the few survivors condemned to hard labour on city roads. The picture perfect images of bullocks in lush green fields looks now like an advertisers hoax!
            Today also I encountered many runners coming from the opposite direction on R K Salai, they must be starting very early! I was at the Gandhi statue while on my first loop when the clock struck 5 AM. A walker (he is found more gossiping under the Gandhi statue than walking actually!) commented in desperation as to what I must be getting by running so much every day to the tune of ‘Why this Kolaveri! I was in half a mind to stop and have a debate on benefits of running, but, I did not want to lose my rhythm in the early part of the run.
            I had another encounter on Sivanada salai with a scooter rider with a pillion who wanted to advise me against running along the divider in the middle of the road. I cut him short and earned his wrath (he must be thinking how ungrateful I am!). I told him to be careful while driving and I shall take care of myself (I also tried to tell him why I avoid the edge of the road!). He gave a suggestion that I should wear shoes if gravel bothers my bare feet, now that’s sacrilege to a barefoot runner. It’s like saying ‘If they can’t have bread Let them eat cake’!

            Today also I did the second loop in the reverse direction. The loops between Napier bridge and Lighthouse were done on a very crowded platform today. I had to stop at many places to give way to bikes and cars coming from the inner road. It was 6:52 AM when I finally reached Gandhi statue for the return trip. I have now made it a routine to stop for a drink of water at the AVM kalyana mantapam so as to not risk dehydration. Reached at the colony gates at 7:31 AM, today would count a relaxed 3:17, 32K!

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