Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Stilling the disturbed mind

            Last few days have been quite disturbing with the news about the Nirbhaya film, beef ban in Maharashtra and the AAP turmoil. Nothing like a long run by oneself to order one’s thoughts.
            Initially, when online campaigns started about stopping the exhibition of the movie India’s daughter’s, my thoughts were that this would give publicity to the perpetrator and traumatize the victim’s family. My reaction was consistent with my thoughts earlier on publishing Godse’s defense of the Gandhi’s murder. But, looking at the review of the film and the ludicrousness of the Government’s reason for banning the movie, I now feel that truth must be told, if the victim’s family has no problem with it. The first step in solving any problem is the acceptance that there is a problem.
            I believe that such men may not be straight away starting on such heinous crimes and this state would not reach if they are nipped in the bed when they start on petty crimes of eve teasing. I remember seeing a video clip about strengthening policing by the one of the AAP candidates. Ms. Kiran Bedi had also talked about need for community policing and activating neighbourhood watch system. In the long run, sensitizing children both boys and girls has to start from the mother’s lap so that the stereotypes are broken and healthy respect between the two sexes is taught. Running to me shows the way where there is a healthy interaction and respect for both the sexes.
            Today when I was running, a vehicle transporting chickens cooped together  passed by. This is a daily sight and the birds are generally quiet. Today ,however, one of the birds screamed as the vehicle passed me and it felt like it was asking the Maha CM ‘Hamaara Number Kab Aayega’. Banning of cow slaughter has been a contentious issue even from pre-independence days. Anything done by force of law does not get the willing co-operation of the people as it then becomes a religious/cultural question and people start taking sides on predictable lines. Gandhi’s suggestion on the subject, if I remember correctly, was to on one hand take care of the cattle so that they are not made destitute and easy prey to slaughter and win over people by example. In any case people are slowly realizing the advantages of Vegetarianism and Veganism. The larger question of ill treatment of cattle and other domestic animals like goats needs to be addressed. When I was feeding the cow (brownie which had a muzzle on, but, it was loose and permitted such minor treats like banana peels!) it seemed to ask, now that we have abolished death penalty for them, what about introducing Family planning!
            While yesterday was a complete solo run, today I had the company of the Doctor from the Anna square police station. The standout incident today was the near fall I had while returning from Lighthouse for the second loop. I miscalculated the stride length on one of the cuts where one has to get down from pavement on to the road and climb back again. I stumbled badly for a step or two and caught hold of the gentleman in front of him, much to his surprise. The surprise could easily have turned to anger, but for my profound apologies which seemed to pass his muster. I wanted to talk to him on my way back, but, he was nowhere to be seen. Thank God for him, otherwise I had a serious chance of a layoff from running coming!

            Yesterday, I had done the 32K in 3:17 and today’s effort was in 3:12, the credit as usual must go to the Kakinada express for awakening my competitive spirits! The full moon run today was quite illuminating. Will be bunking the next two days as I have a medical check scheduled for tomorrow (nothing serious, mandatory one for insurance, again I have to explain the low pulse rate and BP to another Doctor!) and Biscuit’s scheduled visit to the Vet on Saturday. Living in the hope of the Sunday Long Run!

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