Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Baaton Baaton Mein

Had the usual Chennai quota of run, even if laboured, today. Today the discussions were mostly on the very high fees and prohibitive add ons in most of the runs nowadays. The nagging pain in the right thigh continues, but, it is tapering down. Today i carried vegetable waste and banana peelings for the cows which graze the greens on the Marina. The first cow registered a firm No with a violent shake of its head from side to side, maybe, its diabetic or had it had its fill on the grass! After the next cow gobbled up the offering, the first cow gave a hurt look, tough luck! Sundar usually stops at a shop for water break on the way back, today one person came up to me and asked the usual questions, viz., how old?, age, and where i work. He wanted me to guess his age and comment on his fitness, i told him he had to cut down his belly fat! He is a security guard and my prescription to him was taking rounds of his charge at least during morning and evenings! He offered to get me Tea, which i refused politely, without confusing him with my fundas about Vegan diet! Today we started from my house at 4:35 AM, half way mark at 5:45 AM and home at 6:55 AM. Speed can wait, first i need to show consistency.
I commute to and from work on Local train. I like the way old people and young kids gather around me to lead them across the busy pedestrian crossing ( even though it has a Zebra crossing, no vehicle stops and pedestrians have to muscle their way!) at Nungambakkam after the subway. I try to imagine myself as David chacha (if not Amol Palekar) of Baaton Baaton Mein movie. Pity with the segregation in place boys and girls don't get to interact, we know whom to blame. Slowly co-passengers and beggars on the two stations have started recognising me. As a daily commuter, i am not asked for alms. The way the co-passengers keep themselves occupied during the journey and the vendors and hawkers are a grist for my writer's mill, more about it some other time!

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