Tuesday, 14 October 2014

DNF today

Something is not well, Saturday missed because of late arrival of train, Sunday because of indifferent health. Even though i woke up an hour later than usual, I left home at 4:38 AM after a curtailed session at the charkha. It was a pitch dark night which welcomed me to my run. I sung to myself and kept ringing the cycle bell to avoid a collision. Started the run at 5:07 AM. The fog settled on eyebrows and moustache in cold droplets. The morning train screamed in from the opposite direction with all the lights on like a child sleeping with lights on. The road wet with dew came into life around KM 14, but, i postponed the strip tease to KM 18. The vehicles, even the heavy Multi axle trucks were very considerate to the Hubli Passenger. The luscious Sun came out quietly from behind the clouds and by the time i reached the Hebsur village, KM 19, it was searing my neck and shoulders. A few friends asked me if i had not gone to Chennai, i told them i am back for a week to take my family and kit. I persisted with the full quota despite knowing that the return trip would be hell.I had a long chat with Raj Vadgama between KM 24 and 25, and it felt good to be running with him and exchanging notes about his battles with the adverse weather he was getting. Made my own battle with the Sun bearable. I reached the half way mark of KM 28 at 7:27 AM. A bullock got my affection in the form of banana peels at KM 21 on the way back. I was instantly granted friendship of the lady and her Son who were tending to him affectionately. It is heart warming to see the bonding between the man and the faithful animal. Despite loud cheering from the school kids, the Sun sapped all the enthusiasm from the run. I was staring at the ignominy of a DNF (Did Not Finish) even on my very own highway. I stopped at KM 10 for a drink of water. That only made me go in kicks and start till KM 9 when my legs gave up. The long wait to get a vehicle to give me a lift to the temple beyond KM 7 where my bicycle was parked was painful. The passerby commiserated with the stalled Hubli Passenger and made it worse, finally at 9:42 AM, Umesh came in a three wheeler commercial pickup vehicle and gave me a drop. A forgettable second half of the run. Hope tomorrow is better. With a journalist wanting to take a few photos of my run and an interview therafter, it better be!

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