Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Hubli Passenger on borrowed time in Hubli and not complaining!

Have been trying to get to Chennai where my daughter is already there for some time now. When i was hinted about orders for Chennai yesterday evening, while there was relief on one hand, on the other hand there was the sadness of having to let go of a part of me, my highway! I am sure i can be taken out of Hubli ,but, Hubli cannot be taken out of me. I shall continue to run as the 'Hubli Passenger'! It was with these sobering thoughts i took to my highway at 4:28 AM. Temple stop at 4:54 AM. The moon was out with a bevy of stars and i tried to soak in every bit of the place. I reached the half way mark at 7:09 AM. On the return trip, a lamb got the banana peels and i made friends with its master. A lone calf bellowing at KM 11 called for a snap and some friendly noises from me. Reached the temple at 9:39 AM. Had my fill of water at the temple and cycled back home at 10:13 AM. Must make the best of the stay in Hubli and have as many runs as possible, hope my body co-operates!

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