Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Revision of the Marina route

Off at 4:00 AM today for the run on Marina. But for some bad patches where CMRL is working outside Chennai Central station and the Queue of loaded Container trucks outside Port Trust, the start point, the 'Triumph of Labour' was reached without a hitch. Did three loops of Labour statue to Lighthouse and back. Timed one of the loops, It took me 34 minutes, but, i don't know the distance! MS Amma was waking up the Purushottamma, and i felt it was the wake up call for all that is good in one. Cows were grazing under the benign gaze of Amma giving the morning a rustic charm. One of the cows having had its fill tried to cross the road, i couldn't but admire its lane discipline as it stuck to the yellow line in the middle unperturbed as traffic roared past on both its sides. A lesson for the Hubli Passenger to negotiate the chaotic Chennai roads! The runners share the track with sleeping people. I was jealous of their deep sleep amidst all the din in the company of great people (Gandhi, Subhas and Nehru to name a few) and the cool breeze of the sea. When i was in my second loop some of these people had woken up and started plying their trade, a classic case of work from home. I was impressed by a black Labrador (Allwyn!) whom was sitting on the bike in front on the fuel tank without a fuss, must get Biscuit to learn! Some of the kids and a few elders have started warming up to the Hubli Passenger. The bunch of stray dogs around the labour statue did try to bark me down ,but, bowed down to my persistence and grudgingly yielded me the right of way in my subsequent loops. I had no mishaps on the way back and reached Chennai Park station at 6:37 AM, i was also armed with my I-card today. I must plan other routes after i shift here from 6th Oct, onwards! Going to Hubli to home food and my very own highway, Yay!

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