Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Farewell NH-218!

Everything went off with lightening speed after the orders from the Ministry. I was relieved within three days flat much to my relief ,but, with a twinge of sadness. Farewell at the office added a few kilos to my ego, thankfully only figuratively. Even if its customary to only speak well of the dead and the departing (even on transfers!), it does make one feel good. The entire four years at this idyllic place went as a flashback in front of my eyes during myrun today. I left the house on my bicycle at 4:09 AM. It was near pitch dark with the anorexic moon hiding behind a veil of clouds. Tail lights of a flight was competing with a few stars for the Hubli Passenger's affections. The transformer at KM5 was muttering to itself and spitting fire sporadically. Parked the bicycle at the temple and started the run at 4:36 AM. It was daybreak at KM19 and i was able to shed my top and reflective vest. Being Sunday, my young friends were not at the bus stand. Two children at KM 27 (village Taralwad) flagged me down for the usual questions (how old, from where, when i left and when will i get back!), they were waiting for me with a bunch of friends when i returned after touching KM28. I asked the farmer at at a field near KM28 to feed his bullocks the vegetable waste i had carried with me (They refused to take it from my hand!), i captured the moment on my cellphone. The Lord Ganesha statue at KM 21 was still waiting for his Ice Bucket Challenge which i was told would be today, i took one more snap of him. At KM 19, i met my regular friend who wishes me on his morning walk every day when i run. I told him that this my last run as i am transferred and am relocating to Chennai, we parted with a warm shake of hands. When i reached KM 18, a guy came in the opposite direction on his bike and stopped me agitatedly. He asked me why i did not run the last two days, he said he is a friend of one of the Tata Ace tempo drivers who had told him a lot about this barechested runner and wanted to meet me. I told him he was just in time as this was the last run of the Hubli Passenger. We had lots of snaps and he promised to put it on Facebook! I forgot to mention that i had a niggle on my right leg (where the thigh meets the hip) for the first four Km's today, i persisted as i did not want to miss the final run. The leg gave up in the face of my persistence. I finished the run at 9:23 AM where i met the Pujari of the temple who greeted me with a wide smile, i took a snap of passion meeting faith! All in all a very fulfilling and nostalgic run. I am sure i can squeeze in a few more when i come back to move my kit! Farewell Hubli!

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