Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Running the talk

It is that time of the year when Gandhi statues are cleaned up and anyone who has any claim on the old man cornered for bytes. Felt good when the local reporter of ToI landed yesterday afternoon requesting for a feature. The request was that my run should continue beyond 9 AM for clear running photos. Given the DNF the previous day i was wary so i started later, Left at 4:54 AM from home, It was at 5:28 AM when i started the run. I consciously kept a very slow pace to avoid crashing before 9 AM. I met my Salman Khan ( i call him that because he helped me take off my top for the first time, he used to return topless after his walk), his name i found out today was Jannu, told him of my transfer to Chennai. The weather was kinder today. Heavy fog meant very tentative running, i kept to the left of the center ( i hate extreme right and left anyway!)  by keeping close to the white line to ensure not getting off the road. It was cloudy and cool till the strip tease point at KM 15. My little friend of KM 19-20 was up and brushing her teeth, she gave me a warm smile. I told her father of my transfer. Sun got tiresome by the time i touched KM 25. I countered it by further reducing my pace. Reached the half way mark at 7:50 AM. Cow feeding at a new house today even before reaching half way mark. When i had plodded on to KM 18, i got a call from the reporter (8:46 AM) that they are near KM 10 and on the way. I met them at KM 14. The takes were professional and it went off without a fuss (i think i am also learning to act while running!). The reporter-photographer team left, promising to call me and come for the interview later. I took water from a farmer at KM 13, a shop at KM 9 and finally at the temple stop. I must have got enough vitamin B12, Venkatraman Pichumani, as all these are untreated water! I don't know about GI disorders, thankfully nothing till now. Finished the run at 10:20 AM and reached home at 10:56 AM (crossed the 6 hour barrier, shed to shed!). Felt good to finish the run finally!

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