Monday, 20 October 2014

Break ke baad

It was Sundar's turn to call off the run with fever and body pain yesterday. I did not have the confidence to go alone in the rain, knowing that if i take a wrong turn, there would not be anyone to guide me on the roads. A miserable and wet Sunday spent moping, all the more because all friends were running the Bengaluru marathon while i was twiddling my thumb. Biscuit obliged with a leisurely walk. Sundar compensated by announcing a long run for today to make up for the lost run yesterday. Biscuit did not wake up for his walk today (first time for him, but, he seemed fine when i came back and met him!). Though the road outside the colony was flooded, the rain had settled into a mild pitter patter, spent after two days of hard raining down on the hapless city. Sundar came promptly at 4:05 AM. Today we decided not to take the diversion into the Poes garden lane as we had found it quite flooded the previous time, moreover, the guards with weapons could be jumpy with their precious charge just returned from the prison. This meant we had a flyover climb and reworking of the route to get the mandated 30K+! Gandhi stood alone drenched to the bones. I find the wet pavement too smooth for my barefeet and switched to the road for better grip. A middle aged couple with a shared umbrella were doing a Raj Kapoor, Nargis act in the rain. No cows in sight, or, was i too early for them! M S Amma seemed to be having Monday morning blues and had not started her rendition of Venkatesha Suprabhatam. Kannagi was looking beautiful drenched in the rain and confident in her chastity seemed to dare one to look anywhere but her eyes! Our plan was to run to RBI from Gandhi statue and do one more loop from Lighthouse to RBI to make it a round 32K for the day. The clouds seemed to have enough stock to make us feel humid and run today was not as pleasant as the Saturday’s. The first stop was near the start of the Napier Bridge (5:12 AM). The stretch from this point to RBI was very pleasant on my bare feet and added to very less traffic, this has become my favourite. We reached RBI at 5:42 AM. On the way back we decided to run in the face of the incoming traffic instead of the pavement on Marina side (for better grip for my soles!). Even though there was traffic, the drivers seemed considerate and we reached Light house at 6:19 AM. Now for the second loop to RBI! M S Amma was still not up, but, a few cows were having a breakfast party in the rain. I approached the nearest one and offered my today’s menu (Cabbage leaf and Banana peelings), she gobbled up the cabbage leaf and before I got to give her the next piece, a black beauty with sharp horns came charging for her share and dropped the rest of their packed b’fast and beat a hasty retreat. Chennai cows seemed to have taken a liking to healthier diet I bring for them! RBI reached at 6:19 AM. On the way to Lighthouse, Sundar broke away with the promise to wait for me after his drinks break near War memorial. We reached Lighthouse at 6:52 AM, and now for the home run. Two stretches under the Rail over bridge near Lighthouse station and on the climb at the flyover, the road had lot of pebbles and I had to walk. The soles were soft due to their having been soaked in water for close to 3 hours and they had become sensitive to pebbles. Reached outside the colony gates at 7:34 AM (3:29 minute run for 32k!). Biscuit was waiting eagerly for his morning walk, which worked out like a cool down routine for me.

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