Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Run on the Marina

After two days of hectic socialising and getting to grips with the Metro, decided to do a run today morning. Left at 3:57 AM from my Rest house in Egmore and ran till Marina . Did five loops of Labour statue to Lighthouse and back. Presented my credentials to Gandhi before the nation claims him for a day. The crow was having a measure of his bald pate and he was looking on benignly. Lost my way on the way back, got to see RBI, Port Trust and High Court. Gave up in the face of relentless traffic and took the Suburban train from Park station to Egmore and walked back to the rest house. Reached Park station at 6:40 AM. Thankfully nobody challenged me on the train as it would have been difficult to throw my rank at the TTE in barefoot and shorts! More tomorrow.

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