Monday, 27 October 2014

It was a strong run today!

Why did I bunk yesterday? The soreness of the soles was not a good enough reason, there was more to it. The Sunday’s run turning out to be more a socializing event than for serious running (more photo breaks than run!) had me in a depressed state. I won’t say I did not like meeting so many runners, however, we should have had more of running together and exchange of thoughts to justify the breaks. Even precious rain time was wasted. The enthusiasm of the group and sincere effort to make us welcome was infectious. Hope we can a good run sometimes soon! It turned out that not only did I bunk, I caused Sundar to bunk as well!

Biscuit had a bad night with some ear infection and did not get up with me. He walked in leisurely at 3:48 AM, when I had almost given up on him and demanded his pound of flesh (read walk!), I gave him lip service and just a few grams of flesh! Even then by the time I dropped Biscuit back and reached the gates, Sundar was already there and waiting (I don’t know how long!). We started at 4:07 AM (maybe, Sundar was eager to start after a day’s break and reached earlier than usual!).

Discussions during the initial part of the run were on the KK Nagar run with @Raj. Then it turned to commercialization in the various running events. The conclusion was the gadgets and gizmos initially and then the group recognition and timings take hold of a runner and beyond that comes the stage when running for running sake happens. The trick is to enjoy the running as one progresses through these various stages. I see @Santosh having successfully graduated to the last stage where he has found a higher purpose linked with his joy of running. Hope I get to some higher purpose before age/injury interferes with my joy of running!

We reached Lighthouse at 4:53 AM. I stopped over for cow feeding (I had only one banana peel with me, as our Man Friday decided to empty the garbage can y’day evening!) She gave me a look as if to say ‘Issse Mera Kya Hogaa’. She accepted it gracefully though! Maybe, I should have kept it for the Ram Shyam duo (I don’t refer to their colour!), only they are together always, a pair of calves. Today they were sitting in silent communion facing away from each other, but, touching each other at the sides, watching the passerby. There is a beggar who wishes me and gets wished every day when I cross him, today he tried to slip in the business angle by showing his floor demand by wagging two fingers at me. I silently turned my empty shorts pocket out and he said ok smilingly (we decided to part as friends, no hard feelings!).

Sundar commented about M S Amma still giving us the cold ones, but, his diagnosis is she must be having a cold and must be making her appearance later in the day. I have decided not to drag her into my posts henceforth and see if she decides to perform again for us!

Today I was running strong and fine sand on the walk way was giving my soles good grip, but, it was bad from Sundar, as his shoe soles have gone bald and he is extracting the last few miles from them. He says this new found love for economy is due to the influence yours truly! The timing at RBI, 5:23 AM, was not exactly superfast, but, the feeling was good and I was not breathless. Now Sundar does not need to take stretching breaks (am I spoiling his good habits!) in between, and we immediately turned back. Lighthouse was reached at 5:53 AM. Today some runners have started exchanging waves and responding to smiles. I think I will start liking this route. We have decided to run a marathon on full moon day by suitably advancing the start time from this month onwards. When we were coming for our second loop we met @Ram Rajagopalan and met his friend and him near the Labour statue. We reached RBI at 6:24 AM (1 hour 1 minute for the loop, quite good!). Gandhi statue signal was reached at 6:52 AM.

Now that the good part is done, the return on the traffic laden road and Sun on the back is the necessary payback. However, the good part was that when I waved to two school kids who were waiting with their grandfather waved back after his prompting (city bred kids are not so trusting of strangers and that too half naked ones!). Reached home at 7:29 AM (3:22 hours for 32+ kilometer!), a very satisfying run today.

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