Thursday, 16 October 2014

Ferrari ki Sawari

Fever and body ache kept me off the road yesterday, thankfully a good night's sleep cured me fully. When i was waiting for Sundar at the gates of the colony, a stray was wooing his girlfriend unmindful of the passing traffic. The road was relatively deserted and looked like, a tired mother taking a break with her kids in school, waiting for the bumper to bumper office rush to start. Today my leg felt absolutely fine and i was running effortlessly, Even Sundar noticed it and commented on it during the run. There was a slight wetness in the air and we thought it must be raining somewhere nearby. To our pleasant surprise, Marina decided to give us a glimpse of the Monsoon Magic, but, i guess there were more people waiting for the drizzle to stop and the joy of running in the rain was short lived. Looking forward to the Monsoons! The cow busy in cropping the green grass looked up from the task and nonchalantly gobbled up the offering of banana peel and went back to eating grass without as much a Thank You! Felt good that the taste of the city cows is improving from the Newspaper and Posters they were being used to grazing! A pair of stray dogs were romancing in the rain unabashed by the crowd of walkers and runners much like a couple on honeymoon! I always admired the cows returning after their morning b'fast in a disciplined manner near the pedestrian crossing, but, a big buffalo knocked down dead by a car (car had one side badly battered!) gave me a queasy feeling. Guess we must have time slots for the four legged ones so that they don't meet the civilised in their visit to the Beach. Today started at 4:36 AM, half way mark at 5:43 AM (it seems the run felt like a Ferrari ride for its smoothness, not for the speed!), returned at 6:50 AM. Had an unpleasant incident in the lift, while i was waiting to get in, the lady in the lift refused to share the lift asking me to wait and that she would send the lift back after she went up, i am only guessing she didn't want me to be offended by the sweat smell and was not my dress or the lack of it (I had put on my top before entering the colony gates and do not plan to shock the Bhadralok of the metropolis before their time!). I shall call her the lady of the 3rd floor for future reference! Tomorrow a longer run and earlier start at 4 AM!

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